Every time I leave Minoo’s office, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.  L.A.


Dr. Saeedvafa is thoughtful, caring and nonjudgmental. I cannot thank her enough for her help. I have been recommending her to all my friends and I felt that other potential clients should know as well. BTW, she accepts most forms of insurance which also tells me she primarily does this as a service and not just for money!  A.F.


Dr. Saeedvafa saved us!  M.J.


Of all the therapists that I’ve been through, Dr. Saeedvafa is the only therapist I’ve found that I could connect with.  She cared and helped me feel like I mattered.  N.L.


I first met with Minoo when I was facing a crisis, a specific trauma that was indirectly related to my bi-cultural Iranian-American upbringing.  This specific heartbreak/trauma had left me crying every day, all day for a year.  Before meeting Minoo, I did everything I could to emerge or move from this place and remember how stuck I felt in it.  Though I had hope for change, I had no idea whatsoever how changes could or would take place.  After one or two sessions with Minoo, I felt much more hope for change, and the all-day crying cycles ended.  Before Minoo, I had not regularly experienced sitting with someone who was able to deeply listen and reflect so thoughtfully, with such acceptance of my experiences.  Since starting therapy with her, I have and continue to draw people into my life who are able to listen openly with little judgement.  Minoo's level of multiple understandings, reflections and perfectly thoughtful questions is rarely paralleled.  I am now a therapist-in-training, and see Minoo as my model for the kind of therapist I'd like to be.  I am truly grateful to grow and change with her, and connect with myself and the world in a way I only imagined and hoped possible before, and to be living this life as fully as I could imagine!  Cheshm'am nazaneen ;)!  Thank you!!!  S.B.


I want to thank Minoo for all her help – she is a really good therapist.  She helped me to connect with my feelings, risk being close to and vulnerable with other people.  I.R.


After my husband’s suicide, I was referred to Dr. Saeedvafa following my own hospitalization because I also wanted to die.  I was highly suicidal and had lost all hope.  Without Dr. Saeedvafa I wouldn’t be here.  Our sessions were extremely difficult, and Dr. Saeedvafa’s caring and willingness to participate in this journey with me gave me hope and the courage to rebuild my life.  She saved me.  R.R.


I've been thinking about what to post about Minoo for awhile. There are so many wonderful things to say and to try to encapsulate it in words is impossible. My experience with Minoo is ineffable... I'll try to paint a picture...

I've learned to be gentle with myself, to put judgments aside, to feel freer to explore anything and everything... I've uncovered parts of myself that I'd been taught to believe were outside of me. One of the best gifts is that I get to witness her effortless ability to see all the shades of gray that exist in myself, others, situations, environment  etc... And despite my tight grasp to the lazy black/white perspective we get taught growing up, I still evolve past all that has threatened to cripple me. She consistently and  compassionately models the wisdom and freedom that comes from looking at life's journey through a kaleidoscope's multiple colors and shades and shapes... it doesn't take much to just turn your head a bit to see a completely new image of what's in front of you but it's a skill to learn. And the more I witness it in Minoo, the more I practice it ... and the freer I have become from the ties that bound me to a dead-end existence. 

I feel safe and trusting with Minoo. She helps me create a world to thrive in, one that brings me peace, joy, and strength. My insight reaches beautiful depths because of the time I spend with Minoo. The world is a much more gentle place because Minoo Saeedvafa is in it and professionally shares her knowledge, wisdom, compassion and keen insight... M.S.


Minoo is an unparalleled therapist. Her ability to empathize with and understand you enables her to get to the heart of whatever's troubling you and help. She helped us to save our marriage.  She's the best.  N.T.

I came to work with Dr. Saeedvafa after seeing how my sister has changed after see her for couple therapy.  In the past, when I visited my sister, there was always fighting between her and her husband.  The home environment was unbearable; there was constant conflict and my sister was often depressed.  Now there’s a sense of calm in the house, they listen to each other and there’s a feeling of caring between them.  E.Y.

I have been going to Minoo for years. The past two years my boyfriend has been attending with me for couple's therapy to help improve our communication. I cannot even express in words the transformation that both of us have made. Our relationship is so fulfilling and loving. We really understand each other better which is so important, especially in times of conflict. The way we have learned how our behavior cycles relate to our past and how to move thru them constructively has really helped us to become not just stronger as individuals, but stronger as a couple. This is all thanks to Minoo! A.C.